MICC Endurance Tyre Shine

MICC Endurance Tyre Shine

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Endurance Tyre Shine is tyre dressing from Mirror Image Car Care that will bring back that as new finish you've been looking for. Endurance Tyre Shine is a dressing that will protect and restore rubber back to its natural form. You can layer the application to achieve a high gloss finish.

 Features & Benefits:

  • Layered glossy finish
  • Anti sling formula

How to use:

Thoroughly clean and dry wheels and tyres. 

Add Enhancer Tyre Shine onto an applicator pad or in a Pot with a detailing brush.

Apply Endurance Tyre Shine to the tyre by adding layers for a glossier look.

Wipe away any excess if needed, stand back and admire the perfect dressed tyre.