Glass Sealant 100ml

Glass Sealant 100ml

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Mirror Image Car Care Glass Sealant is built with a rain repellent technology. It adds a protective long lasting layer to help protect from dust, road contaminants and repel rain at speeds as low as 30MPH.

Mirror Image Car Care Glass Sealant helps water glide from the windscreen and glass surfaces without the continuous use of windscreen wipers.

How to use:
1. Decontaminate your glass fully
2. Using the application sponge wipe in long strokes up and down the glass.
3. Then leave for at least 20 minutes for the Glass Sealant to bond with the Glass.

Then Simply buff off using a clean Microfibre Cloth. 

We always recommend you apply 2 coats to the front windscreen. 

Do NOT use in extreme heat