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Mirror Image Car Care have put together a kit for everyone.The Get Going kit has 8 of our most popular 500ml Bottles along with a 50ml Wax, Applicator and Microfibre Cloth to keep you pride how you want it. 

The Kit Consists Of:

1 x 500ml Wheel Cleaner

1 x 500ml Citrus Wash 

1 x 500ml Igloo Snowfoam 

1 x 500ml Prestige Shampoo 

1 x 500ml Gloss Enhancer

1 x 500ml Hydr8 Detailer 

1 x 500ml SiO2 Glass Cleaner

1 x 500ml Interior Detailer 

1 x 250ml Hydr8 Pure Light Ceramic

1 x Red Microfibre 

9 x Triggers


Please Note How They Are Listed Is How We Advise Application.