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Mirror Image Car Care have put together a kit for everyone.The Get Going kit has 9 of our most popular 500ml Bottles along with the option to add Hydr8 Pure our 12 month protection. The perfect kit to get you going on your Mirror Image Car Care experience.

The Kit Consists Of:

1 x 500ml Wheel Cleaner

1 x 500ml Citrus Wash 

1 x 500ml Igloo Snowfoam 

1 x 500ml Prestige Shampoo 

1 x 500ml Gloss Enhancer

1 x 500ml Old School Quick Detailer 

1 x 500ml Glass Cleaner

1 x 500ml Interior Detailer 

1 x 500ml Endurance Tyre Shine 

6 x Triggers


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