Menzerna One-Step Polish 3-in-1 - 250ml

Menzerna One-Step Polish 3-in-1 - 250ml

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Menzerna 3-in-1 is a one-step product that provides cut, gloss and wax.

It works like a medium sanding polish and removes 3000 grit and finer sanding marks by machine.

In addition to its cutting abilities it also finishes to a high gloss shine and leaves a protective layer of wax.

The nature of this one-step product saves time and money, completing three steps in one application.


-         Polishes, shines & protects in one easy step

-         Removes imperfections such as 3000 grit sanding marks, wash swirls & oxidation

-         Suitable for application by hand, rotary or DA polisher

-         Makes surfaces smoother to the touch

-         Bodyshop safe

-         Easy to use