Menzerna - 400 Heavy Cut Compound - 250ml

Menzerna - 400 Heavy Cut Compound - 250ml

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Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 contains ultra-fine abrasives to quickly remove sanding marks up to 1200 grit.

As well as having great cutting ability this product produces exceptional levels of gloss. The level of gloss in fact matches the high levels of cut to make this a seriously useful compound.

Heavy Cut Compund 400 is suitable for all types of clear coats and like all products from Menzerna, Heavy Cut 400 is free of silicone and fillers so therefore results are permanent.

This compound provides incredible results when used with a Dual Action or Rotary Polisher. Even on tough paints it quickly removes swirls and scratches. It can also be used by hand if required.


-         Ensure surface is clean, dry & cool to the touch

-         Apply 2-3 pea sized amounts to a medium/heavy polishing pad or lambswool pad depending on the requirements of the job

-         Place pad against paintwork & work at low speeds to spread compound

-         Work abrasives at medium speed (3-4 with a DA, 2-3 with a rotary)

-         Wipe residue with soft microfibre towel

-         Finish can be checked using Menzerna Control Cleaner to ensure all residue is removed



-         Water based

-         Suitable for use with DA, rotary or by hand

-         Suitable for all types of paint finish

-         Contains diminishing abrasive particles

-         Free of silicones and fillers


Cut: 8/10

Gloss: 8/10