Zero - Sealant Removal

Zero - Sealant Removal

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Zero is Sealent and wax removal system designed to breakdown and remove existing protection already in place on the vehicle. 

Zero is used so new sealants & waxes can then be applied. The benefits of using Zero to achieve this is that you have a clean, untouched area so that the new sealant can bond to the paint surface, giving a longer lasting protection from your new sealant or wax.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improved performance from new protection application
  • Provides a clean surface for future protection

How to use:

Thoroughly clean & decontaminate the vehicle, and spray Zero onto the surface, agitate with a Microfibre cloth and Zero will start to break down existing protection. Once you have covered the entire vehicle, rinse thoroughly and wash the vehicle with Prestige Shampoo 

Zero is a pre mixed formula that is ready to use.

Zero Can also be used through a lance, just spray on leave for 5 minutes and rinse off.