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MICC Trim Deal

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Also included - a trim restorer applicator, with option to buy a further applicator

MICC Trim Restorer (250ml) has been formulated as a long lasting unique satin finish dressing, with a patented UV absorber for ultimate protection of exterior and interior surfaces. Trim Restorer is unmatched on grained trim, bumpers, vinyl, leather, dashboards, tires and engine compartment plastics. A must for the enthusiast or show car. Restores a clean, bright look to trim, bumpers, rubber mats and more. 

Not greasy or sticky and long lasting without streaks and dries to the touch.

MICC Trim wax (50 ml) protects and revives plastics
How to apply:  
Clean the surface - we recommend MICC Waterless Wash
Apply the Trim Wax
Leave for 5 mins to cure
Buff off - we recommend the MICC Buffing cloth