MICC Igloo Snowfoam

MICC Igloo Snowfoam

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Igloo Snowfoam is an advanced neutral Snow Foam that is best used through a Mirror Image Car Care Foam Lance. Our snow foam is designed to create a thick, rich foam that will cling to the vehicle, softening and removing road dirt and grime.

Igloo Snowfoam is Ph Neutral, therefore safe on any paintwork and will not strip waxes, sealants or any protection already in place on the vehicle surface.

Features and Benefits

  • Long dwell time
  • Awesome cleaning power
  • Softens and removes dirt and grime to aid your safe wash process

How to use:

Add 100ml of Igloo Snowfoam to your Mirror Image Car Care snow foam Lance, then fill with warm water. Apply to the vehicle ensuring all areas are covered. Once complete, leave to dwell until the dropping process has occurred.

Pressure rinse the remaining foam away from the vehicle’s surface and watch the dirt slide away from the paintwork.