MICC Clay Wash Kit

MICC Clay Wash Kit

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Mirror Image Car Care Clay Shampoo is a dedicated clay shampoo designed and formulated to provide the ultimate lubrication for the Mirror Image Car Care Clay Sponge. 

Clay Shampoo eliminates the need to use expensive quick detailers as a lubricant. 

The Mirror Image Car Care clay Sponge is perfect to remove contaminates such as fallout, tree sap and tar spots. We always recommend to use your clay Sponge after a full chemical decontamination. This will prevent any marring or damage to the paint work.


The MICC Clay Sponge should only be used on clean, wet paint. Using a strong shampoo & water mix, submerge the block allowing the foam to absorb the solution.

Starting with the glass, lightly glide the block over the surface in straight, overlapping lines.

Return the block into the wash solution after every panel, rinsing the clay surface.

Once the clayed area feels smooth to the touch, repeat the process on the whole vehicle. After completion, rinse and dry the sponge as normal.

Lubrication is important, never use just water.

Always bed the clay in on the glass first. 

Never allow the panel to dry out during use. 
Do not allow the system to come into contact with strong cleaners or high heat. 
This will strip waxes & sealants. Use with caution.