Finish Watermelon 🍉 Interior Detailer

Finish Watermelon 🍉 Interior Detailer

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Introducing the Mirror Image Car Care Watermelon Finish Interior Detailer.

The ultimate solution for maintaining the cleanliness and elegance of your car's interior.

With Mirror Image Car Care Finish Interior Detailer, you can say goodbye to dirt and grime on your cars interior leaving that fresh factory look finish.

Our cleaner is formulated with the latest technology to penetrate deep into the dirt and grime, lifting and removing without causing damaging. It’s safe for all types of plastic surfaces.

Don't settle for a dirty, smelly, and discolored car interior. Experience the beauty of a clean and fresh environment with Mirror Image Car Care Watermelon Finish Interior Detailer.

Order now and see the difference for yourself!

Features And Benefits

  • All in one cleaning performance
  • Pleasant Watermelon Scent
  • Factory Fresh Finish

How To Use:

Spray Interior Detailer onto your vehicles interior surface, spread the product around the surface with a clean microfibre cloth, flip and buff off to the Factory fresh finish.